Green Star Global Equities Fund (GGEF)

The global economy may be slowing and markets maybe falling but that doesn't mean you should get out of stocks it means you should own good ones.

The end of every economic cycle brings opportunities.

The GGEF is based on a series of principles which makes investing in stocks for the long term highly rewarding and safe.

Good stocks doesn't mean big names, or flashy IPO's or hyped up overvalued stocks everyone is buying.

In this environment it means stocks which fulfil the following criteria.

  • Positive current ratio (assets to liabilities)

  • low debt to equity ratio

  • fair or low valuations

  • Equity growth in business 

  • Excellent dividend (No stock below 4% yield in portfolio)

  • Historical consistency with dividend pay out.

  • Earnings Growth

These are the strict criteria that will be followed in this fund.

The portfolio will be reviewed monthly regarding position size and exposure

and quarterly regarding composition and weighting.

Take this opportunity to be buying when many will soon be selling.


Link to etoro GGEF Below:  Please read the legal Disclaimer belowbefore openning an account. 


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