Are you concerned about the state of the global economy?


Want to bet against it?... 


Bet against the stock market:

Short position on the US stock market plus the DAX30 and FTSE100.

With stock market valuations at truly insane levels and an eleven year of expansion coming to an end, now's the time to bet against it and profit while doing so.


Bet against the dollar:

Short position on US Dollar index, plus forex pairs against the dollar. 

With the US Federal reserve entering a new rate cutting cycle and more QE and stimulus programs likely to follow, a massive devaluation of the dollar is likely. 


Bet on gold:

Long position on Gold and Silver ETF's, CFD's and mining stocks.

Gold and Silver are real money and always have been for 5000 years in fact.

The last 50 years has been a crazy debt fuelled experiment with fiat currency and it is likely coming to an end. Central banks around the world are buying up gold at a never before seen rate, as the fiat system fails, are we heading for a new gold standard?


Bet against Housing:

Short position on US and UK housing using ETF exposure.

Global growth has been supressed for over a decade with no return on saving due to record low interest rates and so another housing bubble has been blown up.


Bet on the digital future:

Long exposure to Bitcoin and multiple other digital currencies.

Fiat money's days are numbered and in our digital age transactions between peers can be conducted without a government or banking middle man and without their knowledge join the crypto revolution.

Other trades shall also be opened based on this bearish theme as opportunities present.

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